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A Spicy Beer for Those Spicy Temps

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A Spicy Beer for Those Spicy Temps


Pineapple Hindenberg Pale Ale

Icarus Brewing - Lakewood, NJ

This pale ale is a taste explosion, pun intended. Lighter on the palate like a good pale ale should be with just enough hop presence to get you that flavor you are looking for. It really excels though in the addition of pineapple and habaneros giving you just enough of each to let you know they are there but not too much that it forces you to not want to finish it. Overall, this is another excellent beer from Icarus (one of their best) and ideal for BBQ's in the warm summer months. 

A Spicy Beer for Those Spicy Temps

Video Highlights:

Video Highlights:
00:18 Introduction
00: 30 Talking about Icarus Brewery
00:45 Introduces the beer
1:15 tastes the beer
1:48 wrapping it up

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A Spicy Beer for Those Spicy Temps Transcript

Icarus Brewing

What up everybody, this is Rich with All About Après coming to you with another quick and crafty brew review. No BS, just beer. I'm telling you what I'm drinking and why I'm drinking it. Sometimes I like to drink local so this week I'm pulling out a beer from one of my favorite local New Jersey breweries, Icarus down in Lakewood. When the temperatures get warm sometimes you like a beer just as spicy as those temps. So we're going with the Pineapple Hindenburg from Icarus Brewing. It is a pineapple and habanero beer they release this beer once a year usually around the time when the Hindenburg actually crashed in New Jersey. It's a collaboration with a guy from Ocean County who won the home brewers competition down there and word on the street is that he actually still comes to the brewery to help slice up the habaneros. Enough of that. Let’s drink some beer.

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It’s a pale ale. God damn that's good! You can taste the pineapple right up front. It's not overwhelming. It's not super sweet but you get the little bit of a pineapple flavor. At the end, you get a little bit of the spice kick from the habanero. Not super spicy but just enough to give you a little bit of taste at the end.

Again, I love this Pale Ale.  I like to drink local as much as I can and this is one of my favorite beers from one of my favorite breweries in New Jersey, Icarus. So when those temps start to rise I suggest you get a little spicy with them. Grab one of these Pale Ales and enjoy. It's all downhill from here. Cheers!


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