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10 Barrel Brewing Offers 4th of July Drinks for Everyone

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10 Barrel Brewing Offers 4th of July Drinks for Everyone

*All photos courtesy of 10 Barrel Brewing Instagram @10barrelbrewing

Can you believe that it's already 4th of July week? Feels a bit weird that our nation's birthday is here. 

Nonetheless this year, my favorite holiday will, more than likely, have a different look to it than those in the past. Limitations on the number of people allowed at the beach or at a backyard BBQ might be in place but one thing is for certain, there will be no shortage of 4th of July Drinks. 

Choosing the right beverage for a full day of drinking can be a bit of a challenge. Pick your poison. Cocktails? Craft beer? Hard Seltzer? The choices are endless! Fortunately for you, 10 Barrel Brewing makes them all. Yes, whether you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail, something with a little haze or an easy drinker you can sip all day - 10 Barrel Brewing has got you covered when it comes to 4th of July drinks. 

Brewed to Fuel a Day of Fun

10 Barrel Brewing Profuse Juice

Looking for an all day sipper? Then look no further than 10 Barrel Pub Beer. A reliable lager with a little more flavor, it will fuel your beach conversations all day long. Like your beach day with a slight haze? Filled with juicy hop flavor, Profuse Juice is the ultimate summer IPA. Plus 1% of all profits goes back to the Surfrider Foundation so technically you're drinking for a good cause.

Fourth of July Drinks With a Fruity Twist

10 Barrel Brewing Crush Series

The 10 Barrel Crush series serves up delicious, refreshing sours that feel like drinking summer in a can. A Great American Beer Fest winner in 2014 - 10 Barrel’s sour series has maintained its fame as being one of the most crushable sours available. If sours aren’t your thing, try Smash -  a light and refreshing Passionfruit Wheat Ale, made for, well...smashing.

10 Barrel Goes Beyond Craft Beer

10 Barrel Brewing Canned Cocktails

So maybe you're not a beer drinker? No problem! 10 Barrel has expanded their offerings and now produces Canned Cocktails and their Clean Line Seltzer. After more than 2 years of working on creating the perfect cocktail, 10 Barrel dropped 6 cocktail varieties (10-11.8% ABV) that make your life so much easier. Crack one open, pour it over ice and get straight to relaxing or hosting your 4th of July BBQ.  

Whether you are sitting on the beach, having a BBQ or both, 10 Barrel Brewing has you covered when it comes to a solid choice of 4th of July drinks. There are no bad choices. Just be sure to show your American pride while you're drinking them and rock our Distressed American Flag Tee. It's the perfect apres surf shirt for the Fourth. 


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