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Beat the Heat With These Six Après Surf Craft Beer Options

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Beat the Heat With These Six Après Surf Craft Beer Options

Yesterday while we were swimming in the pool at the beach, my middle daughter says out of nowhere, "Dad, when are we going skiing? I want to go skiing."  I laughed, given the setting along the ocean, but I responded, "As soon as it starts snowing." 

Depending upon where you live, ski season might be less than 120 days away. So many of us can already feel it coming. However, right now we are deep in the heart of beach season and in order to keep my ski bum skills tight in the off season, I train as a beach bum. Swapping out ski pants for board shorts, we hang for long hours on the beach with friends eating, drinking and sharing laughs. Then when the time comes for après surf we usually head to a local beach bar or my back patio to reminisce about the day.

apres surf with All About Apres

Après surf sessions like this demand a special type of craft beer. Save the stouts, porters and hop bombs for when you're stuck in colder weather. For a true après surf session, you need a beer that is designed for day drinking. Something lighter on alcohol but not light on flavor. Beers like these that are guaranteed to help you beat the heat on your next apres surf session. 

Good People Brewing Company Muchacho - 4.8%

A Mexican Lager that will absolutely stand up to day drinking on the beach and beyond. Trust me, I've done it. This easy drinking brew is light, crispy and refreshing. It will even pair well with your favorite après surf food like grilled pizza, wings and burgers. 

Island Coastal Lager - 4.5%

Island Coast Lager, All About Apres

Island Coastal Lager was born from a coastal lifestyle so there is no doubt that it belongs on a list like this. With a motto that encourages its patrons to Take it Easy, ICL is an easy drinking light beer that is brewed with the freshest, highest quality ingredients.  This makes it a craftier alternative to any mass produced option and is guaranteed to have you living the life you always wanted to live.

Bell's Brewery Oberon - 5.8%

Bell's Brewing Oberon, All About Apres

When it comes to summer beers, Oberon is one of the best. Four simple ingredients, and no additional fruit or spices blend together for a beer that is the perfect balance between spicy hop notes and mild fruit flavor. Simply stated, it's sunshine in a bottle. 

All About Apres Woodster  All About Apres Woodster

Keep all your beers ice cold while you're drinking them with our ALL NEW WOODSTER. Double insulated, light in your hand and darn good looking this is a must for any beer drinker. 

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Cape May Brewing Company Summer Catch - 5.5%

Cape May Brewing, Summer Catch

Brewed by my new favorite brewery in my home state of New Jersey, Summer Catch is made for beach living. Not overly hoppy and filled with tropical fruit flavors and a hint of spiciness this wheat beer is tasty, super crushable and perfect for the summer. 


Kona Brewing Company Wailua Wheat - 5.4%

Being from Hawaii, these guys summer all year long. So it's no surprise that they brew beers that are perfect for après surf, like their Wailua wheat. This golden colored wheat ale is filled with citrus flavors and is a welcoming refreshment for any day in the sun.

Saint Archer Brewing Company Pale Ale - 5.5%

This one will appeal to the hop lovers reading this. Hoppy from the aroma all the way through, you'll have a fruity flavors with a slightly bitter finish. Nonetheless, this is a crisp pale ale that is highly quaffable and quite refreshing. 




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