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Why You Must Try This Bacon Appetizer at Mountain Creek's Schuss

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Why You Must Try This Bacon Appetizer at Mountain Creek's Schuss

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Bacon. One word that says it all. When it comes to pork products or, really, any meat product, I cannot think of one slice of animal that I'd rather eat more. Bacon and eggs, bacon cheeseburger, bacon in a Bloody Mary, bacon for breakfast, bacon for lunch, bacon for dinner...does it really matter? It simply makes everything better and the primary reason why Bacon stands alone as my favorite food group. So, when it came time for apres last week at Schuss at Mountain Creek and it was a no-brainer that I would choose the app, with the name, Maple Black Pepper Bacon.


Maple Smoke Bacon, black pepper, and buttermilk ranch dipping sauce.

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Why Schuss' Maple Black Pepper Bacon is All About Après Worthy

Aside from my obvious love affair with all things bacon, the brilliance of this dish is in its simplicity. Marinated in maple syrup and black pepper, then smoked to perfection it harmoniously blends the saltiness of the bacon with the spicy sweetness of the maple syrup and a touch of smoke flavor from the cooking process. All of this being a delightful blend of flavors, the real kicker is the dipping sauce. The additional flavor of the buttermilk ranch serves as the perfect compliment to this already delicious dish and whoever-the-hell thought to serve bacon with a dipping sauce deserves a statue. 





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