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Tamarack Resort Adds Award Winning Chef Eric Aldis to Their Staff

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Tamarack Resort Adds Award Winning Chef Eric Aldis to Their Staff

* Lead Photo Credit Sherri Harkin

Nestled in the heart of Idaho's West Central Mountains, Tamarack Resort has been through a rocky journey. After years of recovering from bankruptcy, the resort is on the rise. Thanks to the investment of over $40 million by the current owners, the resort has undergone a transformative phase. Now it is poised to become a top destination for year-round recreation like skiing, golf and more. Adventure, however, is just the beginning. 

With its 20th anniversary coming up in the winter of 2024-2025, Tamarack Resort, Idaho is making strategic moves to solidify its place as a top destination for adventure loving foodies. To this end, the resort has brought in a new member to its hospitality team - Executive Chef Eric Aldis. In his new role, Chef Aldis will oversee the resort's evolving food and beverage offerings, ensuring that guests have an unforgettable dining experience to satiate their appetite after a day of adventure at Tamarack Resort.

Chef Eric Aldis Brings Extensive Experience to Tamarack Lodge and Resort

Tamarack Lodge and Resort

* Photo Credit Tamarack Resort

Chef Eric Aldis brings an impressive resume with him to his new position at Tamarack ski resort. With prior stops that includes leadership roles at the Bellagio Las Vegas, Four Seasons Hotel Houston, and The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans, the newly appointed executive chef of Tamarack Resort, Eric Aldis has a wealth of expertise.

In addition to launching several successful restaurant concepts across the United States, Chef Aldis also managed remote catering operations spanning from the mountains to the ocean, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. His extensive culinary background is sure to enhance the dining experience at Tamarack Resort. 

“Chef Aldis truly has done it all, from meeting the high standards of running five-star hotel restaurants to the creativity of dining concepts and menu design,” said Tamarack President Scott Turlington.

Leading the Tamarack Resort Restaurants and Catering Events

 Tamarack Resort Restaurants

* Photo Credit Sherri Harkin

As the newly appointed Executive Chef of Tamarack Resort, Eric Aldis will take on a dynamic role leading the resort-owned and -operated restaurants. This includes The Reserve, Seven Devils Taphouse, Triple B Diner, El Pueblo Taqueria, Clearwater Coffee Company, and Mile High Cantina. Chef Aldis will oversee all culinary operations for these restaurants, ensuring that diners enjoy an unforgettable experience.

“Every aspect of my career has been about providing the best service and taking care of people—whether guests or my professional family. I’m truly obsessed with hospitality,” said Chef Aldis.

Tamarack Resort Dining

* Photo Credit Sherri Harkin

Additionally, Chef Aldis will also be responsible for the resort's mobile and event catering, conjuring up menus that capture the essence of Tamarack Resort and its idyllic surroundings. With his wealth of experience and diverse culinary background, Chef Aldis is poised to elevate Tamarack Resort's dining scene to new heights.

Chef Aldis Continues to say, “Joining Tamarack Resort at this exciting time of growth allows me to use my culinary management and operations background to elevate the dining experience no matter where you are—on the mountain, meadow or lake.”

Tamarack Resort Becoming a Destination for Foodie Loving Adventurers

Tamarack Resort Golf Course

* Photo Credit Sherri Harkin

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