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Keystone's Kidtopia Culinary Festival a Must for Foodie Loving Families

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Keystone's Kidtopia Culinary Festival a Must for Foodie Loving Families

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Biebl, Keystone Resort

Kids cooking shows are in these days. From Chopped Junior to Kids Baking Championships, the Food Network' programming features them rather frequently. In fact, my daughters, who are really big fans, often record them so we can all sit down together as a family and watch. Sometimes they even go so far as to pretend that they are participating in Kids Baking Championships themselves, whipping out the play doh to form replica confections that they ultimately critique and choose a winner. Sometimes they go next level and record it with a tablet making it look like and actual show. Now, it looks as if my girls may not have to pretend anymore. No, they are not going to be on any of these shows...yet. However, they can combine their love of skiing with their budding foodie prowess at the Kidtopia Culinary Festival at Keystone Resort

Keystoner Kidtopia Culinary Festival

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Biebl, Keystone Resort

A Culinary Event for the Youngest Foodies

Sharpen up your sweet tooth and get ready to play with your food during the week of Feb. 8-15, 2019 when Keystone will host their second ever Kidtopia Culinary Festival. With family cooking classes, food challenges and special appearances from Celebrity chef’s Nicholas Hornbostel and Cricket Azima this event is tailored to the youngest of foodies.

Keystone Kidtopia Culinary Festival

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Biebl, Keystone Resort

Keystone Resort is Know for it's Family Friendly Events

This type of experience at Keystone should comes as no surprise. A great ski resort in its own right, it is also known for its family friendly atmosphere. At its heart, the Kidtopia Culinary Festival is designed to inspire cooking together as a family. While there, the entire family can play together while decorating unicorn themed desserts, making snacks such as cheese-stick snowmen and edible gold medals to bring skiing and snowboarding, and participating in fun food challenges where imagination is the key ingredient.

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Hornbostel, who has been featured on the Food Network, will lead interactive cooking demonstrations where he’ll share insider tips and his recipe for a bison slider and a snowman snow cone. Azima, founder of The Creative Kitchen and Kids Food Fest, specializes in cooking for and with children and will host cooking classes where tasty dishes such as waffle towers, chip soup and veggie sushi will be made.

Keystone Kidtopia

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Biebl, Keystone Resort

Now this is something that I can get behind, especially if there are bison sliders and waffle towers. And, with unicorn desserts and cheese stick snowmen, I know my girls will be all in, as well. For a full lineup of events be sure to check out, if you are a food loving family like us, you won't want to miss this. 



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