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Foodie Friday: The Brisket Bomb, Doc Ponds

Foodie Friday: The Brisket Bomb, Doc Ponds

Foodie Friday, featuring the nation's tastiest après ski food. 

Doc Ponds is a relative newcomer to the après ski scene on the Stowe Mountain access road but it is well worth your attention. Their industrial modern look is as unique as their DJ booth where they kick it old school by playing their large volume of vinyl records for their patrons. On the menu is a large variety of tasty beers which seems appropriate for a bar named after a doctor who testified that lager beer was actually quite "nutritious."  And their food??? Off the charts, especially the Brisket Bomb. 

The Brisket Bomb is a must have on Doc Pond's menu and arguably one of the best sandwiches or meals that I've ever had. Seriously, I had a $50 steak the night before at a very upscale restaurant and this sandwich was far more satisfying. 



Toasted bread with our house smoked brisket, kraut cheese and fries in the sandwich

Why It's Amazing: It is simple and delicious. There is just something about fresh baked bread from Vermont that never disappoints. Slapping some mouthwatering, smoked brisket in between two toasted slices, takes it to the next level. The Kraut cheese sauce adds to your delight and the fact that fries are actually on the sandwich, automatically catapults the Brisket Bomb to the top of my Foodie Friday list. 


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