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Earn Your Après With Marinades From The New Primal

Earn Your Après With Marinades From The New Primal

Earn Your Après With Marinades From The New Primal Transcript

Hi everybody and welcome. This is Rich and I'm with All About Après. As you know eating food at après-ski can definitely pack on the pounds. No question about it, stuff like nachos, wings and burgers, although they taste fantastic, they're not actually good for the midline if you catch my drift. So during the week we try to keep it quite healthy, but at the same time we still want our food to taste pretty good. So I was very fortunate that The New Primal has sent me a couple of their marinades and dipping sauces to give a try. If you haven't heard of The New Primal, they're a pretty cool company. They make a bunch of beef jerky treats and turkey jerky 's and all kinds of treats like that , that you can kind of snack on in the middle of the day. Awesome to throw in your backpack while your skiing and at the same time they make these marinades and these dipping sauces. All their stuff works alongside the whole 30 program, it's gluten free, paleo friendly and we're gonna be able to give it a taste today.

So if you if you know me you, know I absolutely love chicken wings, particularly buffalo wings and one of their sauces is a medium spiced buffalo sauce so I figured I'd give that a try today with some scallops. We're going to start marinating them and then we're gonna also wanna smoke them for a little while and get some smoked buffalo scallops for for dinner. Shake this up. I've already previously salted and peppered the scallops. Let's put them in this bowl here, shake up the buffalo sauce and add a decent amount of this to cover it up. Then toss this around and we're going let that set for a little while, while we get the smoker started.

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I've heated my Traeger pellet wood smoker up. I've got it on the smoke setting for now about 10 minutes it's sitting at about 125 degrees. First thing we're going to do
is we're going take our scallops that we marinated in The New Primal marinade medium buffalo sauce and we're going to put them on the smoker. We'll lay them
right on the grates. These are pretty thick scallops, so they should be fine in terms of staying there and not falling through the cracks. Toss the rest of this marinade on there
and what we're going to do is we're going to leave this and leave it on the smoke setting for about ten or fifteen minutes, so it picks up some of that smoke flavor and then we're going to increase the temperature to about 350 degrees and finish that way. I'll let you take a look. This is what it looks like right now sitting on the grill. We'll be back in about 20 minutes you turn the temperature up.

We're back. The scallops have been on now for about 20 minutes under the smoke
setting. They've been picking up a lot of that smoke flavor that you're going to get from from the smoker. See the nice billow of smoke coming out of there. You also see that I've added some sliced sweet potatoes as well that I've marinated New Primal's classic barbecue sauce. One of the great things about these dipping sauce and marinades is that there's actually zero sugar added. That's a nice feature you don't want added sugar it's just not good for you. Like I said, during the week we're trying to play catch-up from our overindulgence of après-ski. We want to make sure that we're using some of the healthiest best ingredients that we can possibly find.

So we've jacked the the temperature up now to about 375. These are going to cook
for about another 15 minutes or so until they're finished, just about opaque in the middle. We don't want to overcook them because then they may be
tough and nasty and then we're going to pull them off and give them a try.

They're all finished up, cooked up and we pulled them off the grill along with these sweet potatoes. Remember, the scallops were marinated in the medium buffalo sauce. I also marinated the sweet potato slices in the classic barbecue sauce. This afternoon I cooked up some chicken with the mustard barbecue sauce which was absolutely delicious as well. So we're going give these a try.

Takes bite of the scallops

Fantastic! Scallops are cooked perfectly. You get a nice a little bit of heat from the
buffalo sauce plus the smoky flavor from the wood-fired wood pellet grill. Really solid. And as for the sweet potatoes, as you can see, I left the skin on. Yeah, getting that
smokiness from obviously being on the smoker but the marinades are really phenomenal. They add some nice flavor to the food, both the scallops and the sweet

Again, The New Primal is working to make you be able to flavor your food in a way that it tastes good but at the same time keep it pretty nutritious. So, in situations like when we're skiing on the weekend we're eating burgers and fries and poutine you definitely want to try and keep it pretty healthy during the week so the stay in good
shape and obviously ski as well as earn that earn that après.

So I definitely recommend The New Primal. Solid stuff, great marinades, great jerky
that you can toss in your backpack and keep you healthy so that you're ready for après-ski. Cheers!


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