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An Insider's Guide to Our Favorite Vermont Après Ski Bars

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An Insider's Guide to Our Favorite Vermont Après Ski Bars

We often pose the question, if you don't après ski, were you ever really skiing at all? What can I say? We are very serious about our après here. It is the perfect ending to a perfect day. A place where people can come together no matter what their skill level, eat yummy comfort food, drink tasty ski beers and share their fun stories of the day. It is the height of human interaction and an integral part of what makes skiing and snowboarding so special. 

In my go-to-ski-state of Vermont, there are no shortage of phenomenal après ski bars. So many that it can often be tough to choose. Coming up with a list of all is a bit daunting and perhaps a task for another time. But, for now, come along with us as we take you on a journey through some of our favorites from south to north across this great state. 

Southern Vermont Après Ski Bars

Bruce Jacques Cuzzins Mount Snow

Cuzzins Bar and Grill - Mount Snow

Bruce Jacques on a Saturday, nuff said. Cuzzins is a vortex that sucks you in and you will never want to leave. Trust me, it happens every time I'm there as it is not uncommon to see multiple generations from young to old dancing on the table. Pro tip, get the eggplant fries and be sure to get two orders, you'll need them. Honorable Mention: Canned

Grizzly's - Stratton Mountain Resort 

The bar at the base, baby! More open space than in the past, the most ridiculous nachos in southern Vermont and a second story deck that overlooks the mountain...what more can you ask for? It will be jamming on a Saturday but it is well worth it. Honorable Mention: The Firetower or Green Door Pub

Johnny Seesaw's - Bromley

One of Vermont's oldest ski lodges got a major overhaul in 2018 after sitting idle for decades. Now it is back in a big way with an incredible rustic ambiance that is highly reminiscent of the old days. Sit by the huge open fire and enjoy an array of cocktails while you chat with friends. You won't be disappointed. Honorable Mention: J.J. Hapgood

South Central Vermont Après Ski Bars

Tom's Loft Tavern Okemo

Tom's Loft Tavern - Okemo Mountain

This is arguably my favorite après ski bar in the entire country. The home of warm beer, lousy food and a grumpy owner is an old red barn in Okemo's park lot that looks like it's going to fall down. On a Saturday when it's hopping, it might feel that way too but I assure you the beers and food are top notch and Tom, well, he can be grumpy but it's all part of his charm. Honorable mention: The Killarney

Wobbly Barn - Killington

The Wobbly Barn is iconic. Happy hour there can lead to some interesting conversations with wobbly locals. But the people might not be the only thing wobbling. When the live music gets rocking, rumor has it so too does the barn itself. Honorable Mention: Roaring Brook Umbrella Bar & Casey's Caboose

Black Line Tavern - Magic Mountain

This place is après ski times 20. The regulars there are no joke and are as hard core as they come. Great beers, great food, live music and a shotski, The Black Line is like the mountain is sits on, just straight Magic. It is the hidden gem of the après ski world. Honorable Mention: The Red Slate

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North Central Vermont Après Ski Bars

The Den - Stowe 

Old school might not even be the phrase for The Den. Ski boots are pretty much mandatory here and if you stay long enough, you might even see some boot dancing. Located right at the base of the 4Runner Quad, this tiny little spot is ideal for grabbing a few tasty local brews before heading down the access road to one of the honorable mentions. Honorable Mention: The Matterhorn & Doc Ponds.

Castlerock Pub - Sugarbush

Within very close proximity to skiing, Castlerock is hopping just past noon. Probably because locals know where to go for one of Vermont's best slopeside craft beer selections and some seriously tasty eats. Honorable Mention: Wunderbar

General Stark's Pub - Mad River Glen

It's no surprise that one of the east's gnarliest mountains has an après ski bar it's equal. This is truly the only show in town and to be honest, you won't need another choice. Like the mountain, it's not flashy--just damn good. Honorable Mention: The Rek's 

Black Bear Tavern - Smuggler's Notch

Located at the base of Madonna, Black Bear has official après sport parties from Friday to Sunday starting in mid-December and ending in mid-March. Not sure I have to go any further on this one. Honorable Mention: The Morse Mountain Grille

Northern Vermont Après Ski Bars

S'mores at Mount Snow

The Bullwheel at Stateside - Jay Peak

The Bullwheel has a friggin' bus slammed into it. No seriously, it really does. Jay's first shuttle is on full display and along with some ridiculous mountain views that only adds to the charm of this amazing après ski bar. Honorable Mention: The Drink

Bear Den - Burke

I love a great dive bar and that is exactly what The Bear Den is. Old School and welcoming to the core this bar is one of Vermont's finest. No doubt it will be packed on a Saturday during live music hours which are a blast. In your down time, feel free to enjoy the real wood burning fire and peruse the array of ski memorabilia that adorns the walls and ceilings. Honorable Mention: Tamarack Pub & Grille



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