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The Best Après Ski Craft Beers in the East

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The Best Après Ski Craft Beers in the East

There is nothing better than the first craft beer you have after a long day of skiing on the mountain. Not even an ice cold beer on the beach somewhere can top it. You've earned that ski beer and, because of that, it just tastes better. No matter which beer you choose, it is going to be a good one, however with the craft beer industry booming, those choices can become a bit muddled. Don't worry, All About Après is here for you. With plenty of research under my belt at a multitude of après ski bars, I've compiled a list of our favorite après ski beers in the east. 

Switchback Brewing Co. - Switchback Ale

Photo above, credit: Switchback Brewing Co. 

Swtichback has been my go to après ski beer when visiting anywhere in Vermont for years and that is why it sits atop this list. This well balanced amber ale that is not too hoppy, not too malty and has a reasonable abv at 5%. So feel free to drink a few of this perfect après ski beer after a day on the hill. 

Lord Hobo Brewing Company- Hobo Life

A highly sessionable IPA that will not disappoint. Filled with citra flavors, it is a thirst quenching, tasty option for you post pow that pairs really well with spicy wings, an après ski food staple. And, at only 4.5% ABV you don't have to worry about actually becoming a hobo if you drink too many. 

Zero Gravity -Green State Lager  

Zero Gravity Green State Lager

Photo Credit: Zero Gravity Brewing

Green State Lager is fast becoming one of my favorite beers to drink no matter what season it is, but especially during après ski. This sessionable pilsner is a super easy drinking, tasty option that pairs well with après ski food and won't weigh you down like other heavier beers. 

Woodstock Inn Brewery - Frosty Goggles

Woodstock Brewery Frosty Goggles

Photo Credit: Woodstock Inn Brewery

How can you deny a beer with the name Frosty Goggles from a list of top après ski beers? It's just not possible. The Woodstock Inn Brewery's winter seasonal is a spicy red pale ale that is enjoyable while just hanging with friends at the base or chowing down on pizza and nachos. 

Brown's Brewing Company - Oatmeal Stout

Brown's Brewing Oatmeal Stout

 Photo Credit: Brown's Brewing Co.

Found in and around many resorts in the southern Vermont and upstate New York region, this award winning beer will not disappoint. The mild nature of this highly approachable stout combined with flavors of roasted oats, malts and a chocolaty finish makes it a worthy après ski beer. 

Ellicottville Brewing - Ski Bum

Ellicottville Brewing Ski Bum

Photo Credit: Ellicottville Brewing Company

In a town where skiing reigns supreme, ECB would be remiss to not have a beer named ski bum. Their winter release is an amber ale that is not short on taste. Initially Ski Bum is a bold combination of hops and pine that quickly settles down and balances well with the malty flavors of the finish. 

Long Trail Brewing Co. -  Double Bag

Longtrail Brewing Double Bag

Photo Credit: Long Trail Brewing Co. 

Double Bag has something of a cult following in the state of Vermont and there is no wonder why. A little higher in abv at 7.2% this German Style double altbier has a smooth taste with hints of orange, caramel and honey, a combination that leaves a lingering sweetness in your mouth. 

Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company - Snow Bunny Blonde

A bit of a stretch since it is brewed in Indiana but I am going with it since Indiana is east of something and who doesn't like a blonde snow bunny. This Belgian Blonde is lighter in color sweet up front with hints of orange and banana but spicy on the finish. Just the way we like them. 

What are some of your favorite après ski beers? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned for the best après ski beers in the west in the coming weeks but in the meantime there's nothing like drinking beers in nice comfortable gear. Visit our All About Après catalog for the best après ski clothing around. 


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