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Heavenly Ski Resort Set to Host the Après Ski Games

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Heavenly Ski Resort Set to Host the Après Ski Games

I know this may be hard to believe coming from a guy who runs a blog based on the ski industry but, I love the winter Olympics. Aside from being a huge fan of traditional ski related sports like the Downhill, Super G and Slalom. I also enjoy the extreme ski and snowboard events and simply cannot pull my eyes away from the screen when Curling is on. Yes, I am serious. It's friggin' memorizing. 

With the Olympic Games descending upon Pyeonchang this week, I got to thinking, "wouldn't it be cool to host my own après ski version of the Olympic games?" Turns out great minds do think alike and Heavenly Ski Resort beat me to the punch and are all set to host their Après Games this Friday and Saturday. 

Tamarack Lodge Heavenly Valley Ski Resort

Go for the Gold at Heavenly's Après Games

Kick off your Olympics this weekend at Unbuckle at Tamarack and test your skills at Heavenly’ s Après Games where you can play for gold, silver & bronze medals! Talk about elevating your après. This is next level, for sure, and a great way for you and your friends to feel like the Olympians of après ski. 

If I am being honest, when I first read about this and saw the games that they are playing, I knew none of them. I know, it's sad, but I expected your standard beer pong and flip cup kind of stuff. However, Heavenly is not your standard ski resort and these games look like a ton of fun. 

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How to Play The Games

1.This Blows

Rules: Players must blow up a balloon and use its escaping air to knock down plastic cups.

  1. Stack Attack

Rules: Players must create a pyramid of cups. Once built, players must slide down the cups to create a single stack.

  1. Flip Your Lid

Rules: Players must flip upside down plastic cups from the edge of a table, so that the mouth of the cup lands on a bottle 1 foot away.


So get practicing, you only have a few more days before average après skiers raise the bar (pun intended) and set forth on their journey and cement themselves as champions.  




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