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What Does Après Ski Have to Do With Fortnite?

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What Does Après Ski Have to Do With Fortnite?

Graphic Sourced from Fortnite's Instagram page @fortnite

I'm not a gamer. I don't own a gaming system. Okay, I lied. I do have a Nintendo Wii but it hasn't seen the lite of day in over a decade. I also have not caught onto this Fortnite craze or have any clue what the game is about. And why the hell do kids do these dances like they are part of some sort of daily routine? It just doesn't make sense to me. So it came as a real surprise to me when I typed après ski into Google and saw Fortnite occupying four of the top five search results. The one outlier is a definition of the phrase which I guess is there to inform these Fortniters (is that a word?) what exactly they are getting into when it comes to their post ski day adventures. 

Five Connections Between Après Ski, Fortnite and Travis Scott

Travis Scott Astronomical Fortnite

Graphic Sourced from Fortnite's Instagram page @fortnite

Truth is, I have no idea what the hell après ski has to do with Fortnite. There is a Fornite Jenga and that's always a fun game to play when winding down from a ski day. Other than that, I have not clue, so being the astute investigatory journalist that I am, I took a deep dive into the articles to find out. Here is what I learned:

  1. Fortnite X has collaborated with rapper Travis Scott for a series of live in-game concerts that kick off Thursday night (4/23) and run through the weekend (4/25). 
  2. Within these concerts, the grammy award winning Travis Scott will debut his new song, 'Astronomical.'
  3. The après ski component is a part of a series of new updates and rewards to Fortnite that you can complete prior to Thursday night's kickoff concert. 
  4. The end result is the ability to dance for 10 seconds at après ski somewhere in the mountains on the southern part of the map. If you check out the video below, the 'ski lodge' looks like a pretty sweet mountain retreat.
  5. There is also the option to complete the challenge by heading north-east and dancing on a yacht. This sounds like some après sea kind of fun but can it really compare après ski? 

Fortnite Update Offers the Reward of Après Ski 

There you have it. Apparently there is some epic Fortnite journey that comes with the new updates with the end result being an après ski party featuring Travis Scott. I'm about as much of a Travis Scott fan as I am a gamer and odds are, I'll never play this game, but from afar it looks as if the creators understand the need to celebrate post adventure. No trip to the mountains or even the sea is complete without a little après to share your experience with friends. So go ahead gamers, have at it. Enjoy your celebration and if the opportunity arises, be sure to hop up on the tables at the lodge and dance in your ski boots. It's kind of a thing. 

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