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How Bruce Jacques Makes Mount Snow Après Ski Epic

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How Bruce Jacques Makes Mount Snow Après Ski Epic

Updated on October 15, 2020

It's early in the afternoon this past Sunday at Mount Snow and I've decided to take a break. Thanks to Saturday night's dumping of fresh snow and their epic snow making system, the day's conditions were optimal. However, the time to refuel was upon me. Heading into Canned I grabbed one of their delicious craft beer offerings and headed over for some of the absolute best macaroni and cheese from the Vermont Country Deli pop up in the base lodge.

Turning the corner the site of the line for après-ski at Cuzzins Bar and Grill hit me in the face. Only 1:30 and already a good 30 feet long buzzing with excitement. The anticipation of Bruce Jacques' to go was already evident and his show didn't start until 3:30. Surprising? Nah, not in the least. His show is the stuff of legends. In fact, Bruce Jacques and his eccentric après ski act is why Mount Snow's Cuzzins rates right up there as one of the top après ski bars in the East.

The Table Dancing Starts Quickly

Bruce Jacques Cuzzins Bar Mount Snow

If you judge a good après ski act by how quickly the table dancing starts (and I do) then Bruce takes the cake. It's minutes, maybe quicker, before he has the crowd whipped up into a frenzy and singing and dancing from the table tops. What is truly fascinating is that I know that a large percentage of the people in Cuzzins have seen Bruce's act regularly, perhaps even as recent as the previous weekend. This, however, does NOT in any way seem to matter or dull the effect. It really never gets old. The après-ski crowd at Cuzzins love him. They sing with him. They dance with him. They call out his name, Bruuuuuuuce! And they never, ever, ever leave until the end.

Bruce Jacques is All About the Costumes

Bruce Jacques Cuzzins Bar Mount Snow

You may want to go home or even have to go home but you don't. Cuzzins is like a vortex that sucks you in and Bruce keeps you there for the long haul. It's honestly a FOMO thing. If you leave, what zany component of his show will you miss? Him dressed as Britney Spears singing Hit Me Baby One More Time as he feels some dude's biceps, nope can't miss that. Bruce stuffing his package while rocking neon pink hot pants and a long blonde wig singing 80's hair band music, wouldn't want to miss that either. Maybe you can head out prior to his donning a Jerry Curl wig and purple velour trench coat while performing Prince's greatest hits, but I wouldn't. It's all deadly and part of the allure.

The Love for Bruce Spans Generations

Bruce Jacques Cuzzins Bar Mount Snow

Trust me, I've been there. Spending many a Saturday, or holiday weekend Sunday, at Cuzzins far longer than I should have. I've seen every costume and wig this man has and it is all worth every minute. My kids and wife love him too, often hopping up on the chairs with the twenty somethings and dancing the afternoon away. In fact, just this past Sunday while we were on our last run, I stopped and told two of my daughters that we were going to Cuzzins to which, my middle daughter (8 years old) exclaimed, "YES!"

That's the norm though. It's not uncommon to see kids taking in his act right alongside their parents and the young adults. As a matter of fact it's customary. Many of the regulars have been coming there for years and this is just the next generation of fans. I have actually witnessed Bruce sing happy birthday to a girl there on her 21st and then mention that she had been a regular since she was three. He knows who he's playing to and loves every minute of it. 

An Après Ski Show 30 Years and Counting

Bruce Jacques Cuzzins Bar Mount Snow

Working all members of the crowd along with his quirky costumes and ability to get the people going is what makes Bruce Jacques and Cuzzins so great. He just never gets old and I hope he never does. This past weekend, Bruce mentioned between songs that he's been doing this for 30 years. Amazing! And, cheers to another 30 of rocking the crowd at the Mount Snow and the East's most epic après ski bar, Cuzzins. 

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    I am a regular at bruce and he is great!

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