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3 Reasons Why High West Distillery is the Best Après Ski in Park City

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3 Reasons Why High West Distillery is the Best Après Ski in Park City

* Blog Post Updated on June 7, 2023

All Photos Credited to High West Distillery

If you are looking at lists of the best après ski Park City, no matter what publication you are reading, chances are it is going to include High West Distillery. Located in Park City, Utah near the bottom of the town lift, High West is the first stop in coming off of Park City Mountain Resort. They distill a variety of fine whiskeys such as Double Rye, Campfire and American Prairie Reserve and also happen to be a James Beard award-winning restaurant with an incredible atmosphere. When combined, this makes High West Distillery the world's only ski-in gastro-distillery and a one-of-a-kind location for the best après ski in Park City.

Location is Key For High West Distillery Park City

High West Distillery is located in the historic section of Park City, just off Main Street. Situated right next to the town lift and at the base of Park City Mountain Resort's "Quittin' Time" trail, it is in a prime location for Park City après ski. All a skier or snowboarder has to do is schuss their way down "Quittin' Time" and they'll find themselves sliding right into this fine establishment.

Once you're at the base of the trail, you can't miss it. High West Distillery sits inside two Victorian-era buildings, a house and a livery stable. Both buildings were originally built in 1914 and offer a glimpse into Park City's mining past. They also happen to make for quite a unique atmosphere for après ski in Park City.

High West Atmosphere Sets the Stage For the Best Park City Après Ski 

At one time, these buildings housed the actual High West Distillery. However, due to the growth of the High West Whiskey brand, they have moved that operation to a much larger facility in Wanship, Utah. Nonetheless, they still offer tours of the old distillery which is still used to distill small-batch experimental whiskeys. 

Today, High West Distillery is a rustic showroom and one of the best après ski bars in Park City. Walk in the door and you are instantly transported back in time. The old wood architecture and wild west culture will have your head on a swivel. From the general store to the old bottles on the wall and the country bluegrass music, it gives you a glimpse of a bygone era.

However, High West Distillery is more than just a pretty face. Despite its old-time looks High West Distillery is well-versed in the modern culinary scene. 

High West Distillery, Utah Serves Up James Beard Worthy Food 

High West Distillery Food

High West Distillery in Park City offers up a large variety of tasty après ski food So tasty, in fact, they were nominated for a James Beard Award and have cooked at the James Beard House in NYC on a couple of occasions. 

Dining there will certainly be worth your while. Many of the dishes on the High West Distillery Park City menu often include their amazing whiskey in the recipes. For example, their pretzel and beer cheese is a delicious dish served with a cheese dip that is made from a combination of beer and their whiskey. Their wings, arguably the best that I've ever had, are served with an American Prairie Bourbon honey sauce that is to die for. 

Need a little more?

You can't possibly go wrong with the High West Burger and a side of Mac and Cheese. The Bison and Beef blend burger is favorite of locals and visitors alike. Topped with a delectable combination of two cheeses, glazed sweet onions and crispy fried shallots it's mouthwateringly good. So too is the Mac and Cheese. Topped with a pork rind crust it is so next level, it's to die for.

Wash it Down With the Award Winning High West Whiskey

High West Whiskey

With all of this amazing food, you'll need a drink or two to wash it down. If you've never had High West Distillery's award winning whiskey before, I recommend ordering up a flight. Doing so will serve a dual purpose. It will, not only, warm you up from your day of skiing and Park City Ski Resort or Deer Valley Resort but also give you a taste of their core four whiskeys.

There are also many creative cocktails on the High West Distillery Park City menu. Their cocktails are something that we spoke at length about when we had their Head Beverage Director Steve Walton on the Beyond the Après podcast.

You can never go wrong with any of them, particularly the High West Old Fashioned. However, if you are looking for a craft cocktail that is unique, Dead Man's Boots is quite a crowd pleaser. Dead Man's Boots is the most popular cocktail at High West Distillery for a reason. Made with the unlikely combination of their Double Rye with tequila along with lime juice and ginger beer  the cocktail is a very welcome surprise to your taste buds.

Be forewarned though. Dead Man's Boots is no sissy drink. It will either prime you up for a good night or put your ass to bed with your ski boots still on. 

High West: The Best Après Ski in Park City

High West Distillery Craft Cocktails

High West Distillery has always been one of my favorite places for après ski in Park City Utah. The location next to the Quittin' Time trail and right next to the Park City town lift is prime. It gives you easy access to their amazing facility right from the slopes of Park City Mountain Resort. Once there, bask in the Old West ambiance while dining on their James Beard-nominated food and award-winning whiskey. With a triple threat like this, there is no wonder why many consider High West Distillery the best après ski in Park City. 

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