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The Number 1 Way to Relive Your Childhood This Summer

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The Number 1 Way to Relive Your Childhood This Summer

Photo courtesy of Roundtop Mountain Resort Instagram Account

Summer camp...being away from home, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, taking part in endless activities, it is the highlight of every kid's summer. But what happens when you grow out of it? Eventually those good times take a back seat to the real world for adults. Summer camp can be quite the challenge when you are sitting behind a computer screen for six hours a day left with nothing but your summer dreams. However, sometimes something so good comes along that you just have to throw caution to the wind and say, F this...I'm going to get back to what made me happy as a child. That very something is the third annual Camp Troegs at Roundtop Mountain Resort

Roundtop Mountain's Camp Troegs: Summer Camp But With Craft Beer

Camp Troegs Roundtop Mountain Resort

Photo courtesy of Troegs Independent Brewing Instagram Account

There is no better way to relive your childhood than at a camp sponsored by a brewery. Just imagine all your favorite summer camp activities from when you were a kid just with craft beer from Troegs at your disposal. Ziplining, Human Foosball, Dodgeball, Paintball...yup it's all there for just $125. And, of course, there will be plenty of Troegs beers to sample throughout. There is even a beer pairing buffet dinner of sorts. Now, that's something we never had at summer camp when we were kids making Camp Troegs the only place you can relive your childhood with the addition of your favorite frosty adult beverage. 

For more information visit Camp Troegs today. 

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