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Après Anywhere, Anytime With Hydro Flask's Backpack Cooler

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Après Anywhere, Anytime With Hydro Flask's Backpack Cooler

Hello everybody I'm Rich Stoner and welcome to the All About Après Report. The show where we bring you the best places to play both on and off the mountain plus
all the food, beer, gear and more to help make it epic. Today we're back with
another gear review checking out the Hydro Flask 22 litre soft cooler. This is
part of their Unbound Series. They're designed to go anywhere. There are
backpacks and tote bags and you can take them to places like the beach,
on a hike, I actually even think they'd fit really well on a golf cart.

Hydro Flask Coolers That Can Go Anywhere

Hydro Flask Soft Cooler Backpack

The purpose of the Unbound Series is for you to be able to take this backpack
anywhere no matter where you go beach, mountains, hike, whatever. That being said you need something that's going to be super comfortable. First of all, I like the fact that it's got this ring hook on the back which is perfect for storage, but beyond that if you look at some of the other straps and the back of the backpack itself, it's pretty well padded. Plus the straps themselves are padded.

Continuing with the need to be able to go anywhere is the way the bottom of the cooler is constructed. As you can see, it's a little harder when compared to the middle. That's done on purpose so that it can be durable and stand up to wherever you put it down,  not get all jacked up and scratched up and start to leak any water. Also it's more insulated down here so that's going to keep the cold temperatures in the cooler
longer and keep your stuff cooler longer.

Multiple Pockets That Carry Literally Anything You Need

Hydro Flask Soft Cooler Backpack

Going forward, there are a ton of little pockets on this thing. You have a side pocket here with a zipper, you have a mesh pocket over here, and then you get one on the top. The side pocketing is great. You can unzip it, take you take your wallet, take your knife, if you want throw that in there it fits in there perfectly. Up top, this area here is a dry pocket. This is perfect for your cell phone, keys, wallet anything that you don't want to get wet, that's going to get ruined if it gets wet. This side pocket over here, this side mesh pocket is also a neat little feature. It is designed so that you can potentially hold at least one of Hydro Flask's 32 ounce bottles. Personally, we're All About Après...yeah water is important but I tried it out and it actually holds a full wine bottle like this one from our friends at Old Town Cellars. Their Townie Rosè is a great summer drinking wine and since they're The Official Wine of Après this works perfectly post hike, post ride, post beach when you want to share some good times with friends.

A Main Compartment That is Deep Enough For All Your Eating and Drinking Needs

Hydo Flask Soft Cooler Backpack

Moving forward to the main compartment, we have this zipper that opens the entire mouth up. This is watertight. It's going to keep water in, keep water out and prevent anything from getting in there. The zipper actually works pretty smoothly and the top sits open...the top sits up...okay, maybe the top doesn't sit open but it does open wide enough that you can get stuff in there and as you can see for 22 litres it's pretty deep. that gives you enough space to say maybe throw in some Narragansett Fresh Catch tallboys, perfect for day drinking on the beach. They are nice, light and refreshing.  And a six pack of Ten Barrel's Out of Office Hoppy Pilsner, another great day drinking beer that is perfect for sharing with friends when you're done with whatever activity it is. Again you can zipper that up. Now listen, say you don't want to drink all day, that's perfectly fine. I get it we all have our problems, so take one of these out and a Tupperware container fits perfectly on top of that. And that actually even leaves a little room for one of Hydra Flask's ice packs on top to keep everything cool. Let's zip that up, and, get our Townie Rosè back in. From there we can use the hook handle on the back to throw on our back and it fits nice and comfortably on your back for wherever you want to go.

Light and Durable, Hydro Flask's Backpack Cooler is Knows No Boundaries

Again this is Hydro Flask's 22 liter backpack cooler, part of their Unbound Series. These coolers are designed to go anywhere. They are soft cover. They're light. They're still pretty durable, especially the bottom. They have tons of pockets to carry all your stuff, even a full bottle of wine. Although I'm pretty sure Hydro Flask doesn't recommend that, I'd still take the chance because this stuff is worth it. Remember guys if you liked what you saw go ahead and click that like button down below and feel free to share it with your friends. Until then it's all downhill from here. 


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