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Old Town Cellars, "The Official Wine of Après"

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Old Town Cellars, "The Official Wine of Après"

Places to live it up or wind down in the high country.

Craft Beer Industry Give Skiers and Riders Options

There is nothing like a good beer post pow. The huge craft beer movement has led to the production of so many solid beer choices that no matter where you choose to celebrate your day on the mountain you will have options. But, the bulging craft beer scene is not the only reason people are choosing beers during après. Skiers and riders have been drinking cheap light beers after a day of shredding for decades. As a result, beer, cheap or craft, has become the beverage of choice during après ski, but that was not always the case.

Wine Was Once the Drink of Choice

Photo Credit: Jo Savage

Believe it or not, beer, historically, was not the go to bevie during après, it was actually wine. In fact, there are many places around the world, like Chile, where wine is still the preferred choice. When you think about it, It kind of makes sense. Cheese and Fondue have long been après ski food staples in Europe and wine just goes hand in hand. Seeking to revitalize these days of yore and establish themselves as, The Official Wine of Après TM, Old Town Cellars has burst onto the food and beverage scene in Park City, Utah. 

Old Town Cellars, A Winery in a Ski Town

Old Town Cellars was founded nine months ago by two passionate skiers, Stephen Mackay and Jason Morgan, who are equally as passionate about wine. Seeking to combine their interests and what Mackay describes as, "merge the wine culture with our mountain culture while offering an easily accessible product and a laid back environs perfect for après," they created Old Town Cellars. Opening a winery in the middle of a ski town is no easy task, but with huge support from their family and friends, who oftentimes help them on bottling days, it has become a reality. 

Old Town Cellars is the furthest thing from a snobby winery and the perfect fit for this ski town. Located in the historic section of Park City right next to the town lift, OTC offers what Mackay describes as, "a casual yet polished lounging experience where conversation is promoted and everyone has a seat." Make no bones about it though, Old Town Cellars is an actual winery, designed to fit into a ski town. Using wines from the west coast they blend them to fit the palates of the people of Park City. Currently OTC offers five of their own wines that are manufactured and poured on site.These wines range from the traditional to the progressive producing what consumers want but also what Mackay and Morgan believe to be the next step in the industry. 

The Official Wine of Après TM

If wine is not your flavor, don't feel that you need to skip out on this fine establishment. Aside from Old Town Cellars being a tasting room they are also a regular bar with local craft beers and fine spirits as well as cheese and meats from local distributors. This makes Old Town Cellars, not only, The Official Wine of Après TM but also an official All About Après choice for places to après ski in down town Park City. 

*All Other Photos Credit: Old Town Cellars. 

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