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candy and craft beer pairing, craft beer, Halloween, Halloween candy, trick or treating -

Photo Credit: Photo sourced from New Belgium Brewing's Instagram Page A day devoted to costumes and candy, Halloween has always been about and for the kids. However, recent trends suggest that parents are just as into it as well these days. If your neighborhood is anything like mine, you have probably started to see more and more adults rolling around a cooler of some sort filled with adults only beverages, particularly craft beer. And, why shouldn't they enjoy themselves too. Beer pairs surprisingly well with your favorite Halloween candy, providing you do it right. Here are our best suggestions to help...

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David DeFazio Wyoming Whiskey, Steve Nally, Whiskey reviews, Wyoming Whiskey, Wyoming Whiskey Outryder -

A good story makes for good branding. Some of these stories are fabricated others real but bottom line is they sell. In the case of Wyoming Whiskey's Outryder, nothing beats the true behind how their hall of fame bourbon distiller's defiance resulted in an excellent bourbon rye blend.

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American Oktoberfest Beers, craft beer, Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest beers -

Turns out, American breweries are producing some tasty German inspired beers. Here are a few of my favorite Oktoberfest beers from American breweries to help fill your stein in this oh so important season. 

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Colts Neck NJ, Craft Beer, Craft Brewery, Farm Brewery, Fizzics, New Jersey Farm Brewery, Philip Petracca, Shark Tank, Source Brewing -

There aren't many breweries in the northern Jersey Shore area that come around without me knowing. They are popping up these days like Dunkin' Donuts in the 90's and, what can I say, I enjoy a good craft beer or two. This enjoyment multiplies when it comes to drinking local with family and friends. I'm all over it! So when I heard rumors well over a year ago that a new farm brewery called Source Brewing would be opening in Colts Neck, right next to the famed Delicious Orchards, I was pretty pumped. My interests became even more piqued when the news broke...

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all About Apres, beer review guy, Blood of the Unicorn, Craft Beer, craft beer reviews, Ninja vs. Unicorn, Pipeworks Brewing Company, Rich Stoner -

I'm sitting in the backyard here at Stoner’s Palace and a unicorn just ran through my yard. We got to go see if we can find it! Stay with me! Stay with me! I think he came over this way.

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