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Wasatch Brewery Stands out Among Park City's Après Ski Hotspots

Wasatch Brewery Stands out Among Park City's Après Ski Hotspots

Photo Credit: Wasatch Brewery

Main Street in Park City is fun. Really fun! Situated between two of our country's most famous ski resorts, Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort it serves as THE local hot spot for area skiers and riders. There are over 200 businesses including 50 restaurants and bars that line the streets of Park City. And, with Park City Resort's Quittin Time run allowing mountain riders to cruise right into town, Main Street is an après skier's dream.  Patrons have their choice of some the top après ski options in the country with perennially ranked powers, High West Distillery and the No Name Saloon right within walking distance of the town lift. With these heavy hitters and so many other great options to choose from, how does one location stand out from the others in what is really an après ski mecca? They open up one of America's first craft breweries and Utah's very first brew pub, right in the heart of it all.

Wasatch Brewery Park City Shotski

Photo Credit: Wasatch Brewery

Lack of Good Beer Leads to Utah's First Craft Brewery

When Wasatch Brewery founder, Greg Schirf decided to leave Milwaukee and take up roots in the state of Utah, one of the first things that he noticed, other than the breathtaking mountain views, was a lack of good beer. Seems like kind of an obvious revelation for a guy who previously lived in Milwaukee where good beer is brewed regularly. So Schirf, being a man of action, decided that he would remedy this ridiculous situation. How could an area with some of the country's best ski resorts not have good beer to drink? Skiing and no beer...that's like being in après ski hell. With that, Wasatch Brewery, one of America's first craft breweries and Utah's very first was born.

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Craft Beer Not Enough...Wasatch Opens a Brew Pub

Opening up the state's first brewery was only the beginning. At that time, Park City was somewhat of a sleepy little resort town and not the party hub it is today. Schirf wanted to change all of this by turning Wasatch Brewery into a brew pub. One teeny tiny problem, brew pubs were illegal in Utah. That is until he found a legislator who shared his vision and in 1989 that lawmaker sponsored a bill ultimately allowing brew pubs in Utah and enabling Wasatch Brew Pub to become the state's first. 

Wasatch Brewery

Photo Credit: Wasatch Brewery

Located at the top of Main Street Wasatch Brew Pub has since become the go-to spot for craft beer loving pub food devouring locals and visitors alike. With decks that offer some pretty epic views of the Wasatch mountains and a menu that includes delicious bites such as the Loaded Mac and Cheese complete with bacon, jalapenos, bread crumbs and onion straws and The Wasatch, a buffalo burger with delicious accouterments such as a Cajun remoulade, it is really hard to walk by and not want to go in. However, the scent of delicious fare wafting through the air is hardly the only reason to visit.

Wasatch Brewery Polygamy Porter Wasatch Brewery Belgian Style White Ale

Photo Credit: Wasatch Brewery

Wasatch Brewery Offers a Variety of Award Winning Craft Beers

Their beers have garnered 45 medals from the Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup and the North American Beer Festival. And, with beers like First one Down, Polygamy Porter and Ghostrider they have some of the most intriguing names and artwork of any that I have come across. Gotta love marketing. I was sold on them and recently had the opportunity to give some a try. Needless to say, they earned my All About Après stamp of approval. 

First One Down Winter Warmer Ale 7.1% ABV

Being the first one down, not only gets you the prime pow but also the tastiest beers and this one is a good one. The malts give off a sweet flavor of bread and toffee, producing a tasty and creamy sweetness. A true winter warmer that is an awesome compliment to an epic day on the mountain. Well worth being the first one down for. 

Snowbird Session IPA 4%

If you ski Snowbird on the reg then you need a good après ski beer to help kick back and relax those aching muscles. Wasatch's Snowbird Session is indeed that beer. With a slightly herbal, slightly citrusy hop presence and a hint of toasted malts Snowbird is a tasty, refreshing and highly drinkable IPA.

Squatters Craft Beers Hell's Keep Belgian Style Golden Ale 7.75%

Squatters & Wasatch are the same brewery but different brands. The founders of both breweries decided to join forces 18 years ago and it has been a match made in beer heaven. Hell's Keep came of as a traditional Belgian Strong Ale with the yeast producing flavors of bananas and clove. However, despite the yummy yeast flavors, the high alcohol content was well hidden. Kind of devilishly dangerous if you ask me. 


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