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Our Favorite Après-Ski Songs 2.0 (Playlist Included)

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Our Favorite Après-Ski Songs 2.0 (Playlist Included)

Let's be real, music makes everything just a little bit better. This is especially true when it comes to après-ski where live music reigns supreme. From outdoor concerts held regularly at the base of the mountains to fun performers with sing-a-long type acts at the bars, music is the ultimate enhancer of an already good time. Take a walk through Vail Village at any time after 3 Pm and every bar has some musical act playing almost every day of the week. People love it! However, what happens when your bar time is over and you need to head back to your condo? Just because you are no longer at The Red Lion with Dave Tucker and His Imaginary Band Playing, doesn't mean that the music has to end right there.

Although his fun act may be able to replicate, in today's age of Spotify, Amazon Music and more you can easily let the good times roll for as long as you would like. In fact, that is exactly what the All About Après Ski Team has been doing all winter long, especially at our home mountain of Mount Snow. Live music at the base with some beers from Canned, apps and beers with Bruce Jacques at Cuzzins or in some cases both then head back to the condo for some more food and tunes. 

Cuzzins Mount Snow

Top Après Ski Songs Playlist Gets a Makeover

Ever since I created my original post on the Top 10 Après-ski Songs, it has easily been the most viewed post on my site. Like I said, people just seem to like après ski party music. So with that in mind, I have spent the winter honing in on more of these classics and have created our first ever All About Après Ski Playlist on Spotify. These songs are so much fun that everyone just feels compelled to get up and whip, orange justice, shoot, floss and sing their way to a great night. So next time you have to leave the ski resort bar a bit early because the kids can't last, head home, grab a craft beer and enjoy our après-ski party music playlist. You won't be disappointed in any of these favorites. 



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