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Iconic Tremblant Après-Ski Bar, Le P'tit Caribou Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Iconic Tremblant Après-Ski Bar, Le P'tit Caribou Celebrates 25th Anniversary

When it first saw the light of day amidst a developing Mont Tremblant resort, Le P'tit Caribou was a cozy little bar where skiers would go after a day on the mountain. However, what may have started as an unassuming place instantly became on overnight success. The shelled peanuts, the delicious pizza from its simple stone oven, the tradition of dancing on the bar at the end of the night, whatever the reason Le P'tit Caribou became the place to be in the Tremblant village.

Le P'tit Caribou Mont Tremblant

Now, fast forward 25 years and this après-skier's paradise has withstood the test of time and even been renowned by Forbes Magazine as one of the best bars in the world. Now, to honor their illustrious past and celebrate, what is sure to continue to be, a bright future, they are throwing a 25th anniversary celebration kicking off this Friday, November 30 (their actual 25th anniversary) and running throughout the winter season.

Le P'tit Caribou, Mont Tremblant

From its time as a cozy little pizza bar until now, Le P'tit Caribou has undergone many changes, including major renovations and expansions in the fall of 2016, when Joshua Wilson, Tyler Lane and Sébestien Turgeon, all three of Le P’tit’s former employees and clients, took over the reins of the establishment. However, despite growth into an iconic haunt it has never lost the mythical spirit that secured Le P’tit Caribou’s reputation.

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"There will be plenty of surprises and special moments all winter long, but, Friday, November 30, will officially mark our 25th anniversary and we will be there to blow out the candles! Our wish is to celebrate the evening in the company of those who have shared so any beautiful moments with us on our Le P’tit Caribou journey over the years," says Joshua Wilson.

Le P'tit Caribou Mont Tremblant

So, If you have partied at Le P'tit Caribou, over the last quarter century you know that this kickoff celebration will be a night to remember, filled with memories, laughter and, most certainly, a lot of dancing on the bar. 



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